Auto-Transport Kozieł owns a fleet of 58 DAF vehicles that meet the highest emission standards Euro3 and Euro5. For the shipping of goods we offer the following suitable semi trailer types:

  • DAF semi trailer trucks that meet the Euro5 and Euro6 Standards
  • Mega curtain semi trailers (inside height of 3 meters)
  • Standard curtain semi trailer (inside height of 2.85 meters)
  • Refrigerator truck (inside height of 2.65 meters)
  • Board semi trailer (inside height of 2.80 meters)
  • Mulda curtain semi trailer for transport of steel coils (inside height of 2.85 meters)
  • Tipping semi trailer (capacity of up to 25 ton and volume of up to 45 cubic meters)
  • Linde forklift trucks with capacity of 2 ton and 4.5 ton.
  • Covered storage facilities of 100 meters and outdoor storage facilities of 200 meters.